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10 Ways To Make Moving Easier

Moving can be tough but, hopefully with these helpful tips  

your move with be a little less stress full! 

  1. Pack an overnight bag with essentials. Chances are you will be exhausted after a long day and will need easy access.

  2. Free Boxes. Try going to grocery stores and asking for their boxes to help save on moving costs.

  3. Take pictures of the cords. It’ll be a great reference and an easier process when hooking up the TV, computer, etc. into your new place.

  4. Movers Guide package from your local Post Office.  This package will help with notifying service providers of your new address. It also comes with coupons that you might need.

  5. Don’t pack important documents. Keep a file of important documents such as passports, SS Card, birth cert, etc. with you. Take the file with you in the car, it will prevent misplacing.

  6. Color coding boxes. Have a color assigned to each room and match it with the boxes. When unloading the boxes, you can bring them directly to the correct room.

  7. Draw a furniture map. If you’ll be keeping the same layout of the furniture in your new place, having a map as a reference can help place everything just the way you had it.

  8. Cleaning Kit. Have a cleaning kit set aside to clean up before you leave and to clean up at the new place.

  9. Pets and little ones. If you have pets and/or small children, try hiring a sitter to help with an even smoother moving process.

  10. Use it or get rid of it. Throw away items you know you haven’t used in a while and probably won’t at your new place either. It’ll be less items to move.

Happy Moving Day!

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