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5 Great Ways to Boost Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal is an extremely important factor in selling your home!  Buyers can take one look at your home and decide that they don’t even want to see the inside. Boosting your curb appeal can bring an influx of buyers to look at your home. Here are some steps that will definitely help:

  1. Keep your yard well groomed- Mow the lawn, remove the weeds, and trim hedges and trees. Having hedges that are growing above the windows or trees that are not neatly kept will turn away buyers.
  2. Have a clear path to the front door- Remove large branches and shrubs that could be an obstacle to get into your home.We don’t want buyers getting scraped by branches or be terrified of critters jumping in front of them as they walk towards your house. Have some lamps that light up the pathway to the door.
  3. Clean the exterior- Repaint your house with a fresh coat of paint, replace the damaged/rotted wood and wash with a power washer. If you’re on a budget, power washing is a great way to clean-up the appearance. Ensure that your mailbox is clean and not an eyesore.
  4. Add flowers and yard decoration- Some simple potted flowers can make your home much more appealing and feel warm and welcoming to buyers. Place a birdbath, windchimes, or sculptures in your yard Add mulch to your flower beds to make them pop.
  5. Ensure that your house numbers are large and easily visible. If your house numbers aren’t visible, a buyer may see an ad on the internet but can’t find it when they drive past your home. You can get the numbers as low as two dollars apiece!

Curb appeal contributes heavily to a buyers decision, so follow these tips and you’ll have plenty of buyers coming to see your home!

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