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    8 Reasons Why Hiring A Real Estate Professional Can Make All The Difference

    Buying a home is a very important life investment and selling your home requires a lot 

    of care and understanding of the current market.  

    Whether you’ll be becoming a first time homeowner or downing sizing next year, 

    here are some tips on why you should use a real estate professional to help begin your process. 

    • Handling and completing paperwork throughout the process.

    • Experience and inside knowledge on who to call for home insurance, inspections, and etc.

    • Negotiations when it comes to counteroffers.

    • Accurate pricing when listing the property.

    • Marketing and having access to the MLS (multiple listing service)

    • A greater understanding of the current market conditions and updates

    • Access to the property as agents often use an ELB (electronic lock box) which non agents do not have access to.

    • Helping hand with minor and major details when it comes to property access, scheduling inspections, and coordinating dates with the title company and/or attorney’s office.

    What are you waiting for? Contact me today to make your dreams a reality!

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