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    Benefits of a home inspection – Is it really necessary?

    A home inspection is a specified, overall report of the condition of the home. A home inspection helps identify structural, foundation, electrical, plumbing, problems and more. A professional & reliable home inspector checks the interior, exterior and the surroundings of a home beyond what the average consumer sees. Getting a home inspection is crucial because it helps inform the buyer if a home may need repairs. If there are any problems found in the home inspection, this can then be used to help negotiate a better price for the buyer. Its main purpose is to protect the consumer and to give the buyer a clear understanding of the current condition of the home.

    A home is so much more than just an investment, its where your family resides & creates memories for years to come. You want to make sure the product you are investing/residing in is safe and reliable for your family to avoid any headaches down the road. Your REALTOR® should ALWAYS recommend you to get a home inspection, it is in their fiduciary obligation to do so for their customer.   The last thing you want to deal with is the repercussions of NOT getting an inspection done & come to find out the home you just purchased has tons of problems that will cost additional money to repair.

    Keep in mind that a home can look perfect on the exterior but can conceal MAJOR damages on the interior whether that be functional, structural or cosmetic. Don’t let looks fool you! Think of a car that looks beautiful on the exterior but has mechanical problems to the point where it’s not driveable. That doesn’t do you much good, does it?

    Benefit #1 – Helps buyers feel more comfortable & safe in their purchase

    A detailed home inspection report can help the buyers feel more comfortable and secure with their purchase, by ensuring the property has been inspected by a trained professional who specializes in Home inspections to ensure that everything is functioning properly.

    Benefit # 2- Home Inspections can help buyers plan for the future

    Completing a home inspection can help buyers to estimate & plan ahead for costly repairs so they know what to expect & there are no surprises. Spending the extra money to get a home inspection could potentially save buyers THOUSANDS in the future, and in return could cost you THOUSANDS in the future if you choose to bypass a home inspection.

    Benefit #3- Buyers are able to negotiate if inspection report comes back problematic

    If the home inspection report comes up with issues, the buyer has a stronger argument to be able to negotiate because of the condition of the home.  Keep in mind that we are in a very strong Seller’s market so understand that both parties must be willing to open minded in order for this to happen.

    Benefit #4- Sellers may offer to fix repairs in order to have their home pass inspection

    Many sellers prioritize safety in their home & take pride in showing that they maintained the home while living there. Sellers know that safety is also a major concern for the buyer’s side as well and as a result many times sellers will willing to either fix or at least negotiate the things needed in order for home to pass inspection. Most sellers want to get top dollar when selling so they need to make sure that they do whatever they need to do in order to get the home to pass inspection to net the maximum amount possible.

    Benefit #5- Inspections can pay for themselves in savings

    Often times, buyers think skipping an inspection could save them a few hundred dollars, failing to realize that paying for the inspection up front, can actually SAVE them thousands of dollars in the future. This is one of those “Being cheap in the short term, could cost you more in long term” situations! Trust your Relentless REALTOR® to guide you through every step of the process, and know that your REALTOR® is seeking nothing but your best interest at heart!

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