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The Importance of Square Footage During the Pandemic

For over a year and a half, the world has been dealing with the effects of a global pandemic. We’ve been forced to change the way we live and adapt to new environments, both in the workplace and at home. Whether it be taking in family members, having to work remotely, or having your children attend school virtually, space has never been more important. 

“The median size of a single-family home increased to 2,297 square feet,” according to data from the Census Quarterly Starts and Completions by Purpose and Design and analysis by the National Association of Home Builders.

The NAHB also conducted a study which found that, due to the pandemic, 21% of homebuyers want a larger home. Now, add any family members that are working from home and attending school virtually, that number jumps to 35%. 

This makes a lot of sense. Businesses have found that a lot of the work that would normally be done in an office setting, can be done just as easily and effectively at home. However, if that change becomes permanent, families will have two choices: try and create extra space in their current home, or find a new home with the extra square footage they’re looking for. As many have probably figured out during the pandemic, when working from home, you’d like interruptions to be at a minimum. 

Now, when it comes to virtual school, that can be easier to manage depending on each family’s situation. If your child has their own bedroom, it’s a simple set-up that would leave their bedroom relatively unchanged. However, if you have children of differing ages sharing the same room, that could be tricky. Especially if your home is relatively small and already trying to accommodate an office space or two, or an extra bedroom for a relative. If that is the situation you find yourself in, then you might be on your way to becoming part of the growing number of families trying to navigate this post-Covid environment.

If you’ve tried rearranging bedroom furniture or cannot resist the temptation of snacks while trying to be productive in the kitchen, luckily, there are a couple of other things you can do if you’re not ready to list your home!

Use the Space Your Walk-In Closet Gives You

Do you have a spacious walk-in closet that you haven’t filled up to the brim yet with Amazon packages or gifts you’ve forgotten to return? Use your closet as an office space! While it may not be anyone’s first option, it still can provide the privacy and necessary space needed for work or virtual school.

Convert Attic Space

According to the Remodeling Impact Report, converting attic space is 10th on the list of project most likely to add value to your home. Whether you would use this as an office space or an extra bedroom, there are a lot of possibilities that do not include the storage of Halloween or Christmas decorations.

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