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The Up’s and Down’s of Living Near ‘The Happiest Place on Earth’ From a Former Cast Member

A new lakeside property is coming to Horizon West, just 6 miles away from Walt Disney World!

But, what exactly does living near a theme park like Disney mean? Is there constant traffic? Is the temptation to spend all day at the park too much? Will the proximity to the area raise my home value? There’s SO much to consider when thinking about making a move near a hub of constant movement like that.

So, let’s get the negatives out of the way first.


This should come as no surprise. Whether you’re driving near exits 64 to 68 on I-4 during the day or night, US-192 in Kissimmee during rush hour, or if you live in the Clermont area, making that Rock ’n’ Rollercoaster-like loop from US-27 to 429 South. It can get very old, VERY fast. The area surrounding Walt Disney World is actively building and should only get busier in the near future.


This is one would probably slip your mind until you spend that first night in your new home and are suddenly startled by these booming sounds in the distance. That’s right; fireworks! If you live close enough to the parks, particularly Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios, you will have a nightly symphony of noises outside your bedroom. For Disney fanatics, it might be exactly what you’d want to remind you every night that you’re so close to a place you love so much. On the other hand, it could, quite frankly, annoy you. Maybe you have to wake up early for work and you’re a light sleeper, or you just don’t like hearing those kinds of noises so close to your property. It’s definitely something to think about.


While you can find affordable homes in places like Clermont, Davenport, living in Disney’s backyard can be expensive. The famous Golden Oak property that has bus service to the parks is definitely in that “expensive” equation. So, for some families, the area justifies the price and for others, they might want to sacrifice location to save some money and therefore have more to spend to take advantage of the theme park.



If you’re a Disney fan, if you know for a fact that you’ll never get tired of going to the parks and taking advantage of the perks, then being just minutes away from the fun is a HUGE upside to moving to the surrounding Disney area. Families also wouldn’t have to worry about trying to do everything in a day or two because, well, they live here! Instead of planning a trip months in advance, you’d be able to jump in the car and drive mere minutes to enjoy a day at the park.

Annual Passes are Back!

The pandemic put a lot of things on hold, including the availability of new annual passes, until now! On September 8, annual passes at Walt Disney World are now available and, while they aren’t without their price increases, it is definitely a big incentive for Florida residents.

Home Value

When you say you live near Disney, that means something. It’s a very desirable area for obvious reasons. It can also put money back in your pocket if you decide to buy a property and rent it out. Families not wanting to stay at a Disney hotel and have their own space, especially with a kitchen, they’d love to stay at a nice home that doesn’t sacrifice location.

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