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Why Homeowner Associations are Actually A Good Thing

Homeowner Associations have received bad press for so long. People see it as a way of someone dictating what they can or can’t with their house. However, a Homeowner Association could actually be a blessing in disguise because while most people don’t like having restrictions, these restrictions help prevent negative impacts on the neighborhood such as market value and appearance.

1) When living in a neighborhood with a Homeowner Association, it is generally a well-maintained neighborhood. This includes the common areas of the neighborhood such as the pool, or community center, and the common lawn. This makes the neighborhood, and your home, more appealing.

2) The HOA usually enforces that homeowners in the neighborhood to keep their properties up to certain standards. Which can prevent your neighbors from painting their house bright pink or from having a pile of junk in their front yard.

3) Depending on the type of HOA it is, the fee could cover utilities such as electricity, water, trash, and in some cases even internet which can save you the hassle of having so many bills in place of just one.

4) Having an HOA in your neighborhood increases the value of your house since it usually has higher standards of living the neighborhood and more maintained.

5) Your HOA is run by a board of members who live in the neighborhood who are elected by you, the resident of that neighborhood. You can go to HOA meetings and let your voice be heard or run to be a part of the board. 

The neighborhood would like to keep a certain aesthetic and keep the values up! So they restrict what you can do to your home such repainting your home. If you would like to repaint your home, you take it to the Association and they will approve it or disapprove it. They are not there to make you miserable so they will therefore have a good reason for disapproving your request.

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